Modest, comfortable, and affordable clothing options

EastEssence was founded in 2009 to serve the need for access to affordable modest clothing in all parts of the world. At EastEssence we transform modesty into simple yet high utility abaya, jilbab, and kaftan that keeps you true to yourself and reflects your values and faith through your clothing.

At East Essence, we recognize the wealth of culture and style in traditional Arabic, Pakistani, Moroccan, African, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Indian communities. We strive to bridge the gap by tying our traditions, cultures, and Islamic religion to our clothing and our community program.

With experience in clothing which stretches over 11 years, we continue to serve the community and uphold important values and customs. We do this by serving the community with exclusive quality and customizable clothing options for everyone at an affordable price.

We endeavor to stand out by providing customized services to our clients. These include lengthening garments, adding pockets and zippers, and more services specific to our clients' needs. We provide modest fits and make to order for clients with specific requests.

At East Essence, we stock a wide variety of Islamic attire and clothing options, which include abaya, jilbab, hijab, kaftan, Pakistani clothing, Bangladeshi clothing, affordable modest clothing, modesty, modest, hijabi, Kurti, tunic, Dubai Abaya, Saudi abaya, Moroccan tunic, double-layered abaya, hijab pin, dishdasha, thobe, niqab, naqab, for everyday use or special occasions such as hajj, umrah, Eid, Eid-al-Adha, Eid-al-Fitr, Masjid, and Jummah.

We also provide community outreach and support programs such as community development, donations, scholarships, and women support programs. Every purchase with us pays back to our community. We understand the tremendous benefits of customer loyalty – therefore we exist to serve the community.

Thank you for joining the EastEssence Family!